​Judi Gilden has been working in water media for over 35 years and has studied with some of the greatest watercolorists of our time.  Judi shares these many years of instruction and experience with beginning, intermediate and advanced students of watercolor.  She has taught pre-kindergarteners and senior citizens, special need adults, every age and every skill level. She is an understanding and encouraging instructor, and the "Principles" and "Elements" of Design are a major factor in her lessons and demonstrations.  It is perhaps for this reason many of her former and current students have gone forward to exhibit, win prizes in juried shows, and become watercolor instructors themselves.

​In her classes, Judi invites her students to create their own independent work in addition to the class lessons provided, as they learn about design principles and watercolor techniques.  Judi's firm belief that everyone can be creative provides her with ever renewed enthusiasm for teaching.

​I am always amazed at how differently each student perceives the subject at hand.  Each one of us sees, feels and paints differently. 

​The magic is not in how skillfully we use the brush or manipulate the paint.  The magic is inside each of us.  It is a true delight to watch people develop skills and then create their own magic.

​Judi Gilden Copyright 2017

For more than 25 years, Judi has shared her love of watercolor as an instructor, teaching at various locations throughout New Jersey.  She served as a watercolor instructor for the Community Adult Education Program, South Brunswick Board of Education for 16 years.    

To inquire about watercolor instruction please contact me at judi@judigilden.com

Demonstrating a floral using complimentary colors and the resulting neutrals.   

​Judi at work on a demonstration .